How can I record the timing data from PVRTune


I am using PVRTune for android. I can see the data from SGXSPerfServer in PVRTune graphic window, I want to record these data and show them with PVRTune later or process them with other tool like excel on my host. But I do not find any button to get this. Is there any way I can record all the data showed in graphic window of PVRTune?

Thank you!


Li Wang


You can write the captured data to a PVRTUNE file using the “File–>Save…” option of PVRTuneDeveloperGUI’s toolbar, or pressing ‘Ctrl+S’ on your keyboard.

PVRTUNE files are binary. We do not expose the details of this format. If you want to write custom profiling tools, I would recommend using our PVRScope library to retrieve hardware counters within your own application.



Get it. Thank you, Joe