How to get the source code of pvrtextool 4.19.0?

Recently I need to compile a project on Linux and it requires pvrtextool 4.19.0, but I searched on the offical website I didn’t fint the link of downloading the source code. So where can I get the source code if pvrtextool 4.19.0? On which page? Hoping for reply.


Thanks for reaching out to PowerVR developer forum.

We do not distribute the source code for our tools but however, we do provide the required C/C++ interface and libraries for PVRTexTool library as part of the PVRTexTool installation.

  • PVRTexLib.dll (Windows dynamic link library)
  • (Linux shared object library)

Shared libraries are located in the following directory: <SDK_ROOT>\PowerVR_Tools\PVRTexTool\Library<OS>

Header files are located in the following directory: <SDK_ROOT>\PowerVR_Tools\PVRTexTool\Library\Include

You could also refer to our documentation which explains how to use the PVRTexTool library along with some examples,

Also, for older releases of our tools you could find them here,

We hope this serves your current requirement. Kindly write to us in case you need any further information.

Best Regards,