begginer question where to start ?

i trying to find in the site the sdk for windows .
also i try to find beginners tutorials with no luck .
all i found is the windows emulation ( very slow download ) 
where can i find beginners tutorials on how to test/run/debug simple source code?

Our SDK downloads are here:

This package contains the source code for training courses and demos as well as source for our Tools and Shell abstraction layer. It also contains binaries for our utilities, such as our PVRVFrame PC emulation and PVRTexTool texture compression tool.

There is a step-by-step SDK guide in the root directory of our SDK packages that explains how to setup PC emulation and the rest of the SDK for your target platform. On Windows, this is just a case of opening a training course Visual Studio solution, including paths to the OGLES headers and then linking against the PVRVFrame emulator libraries.


Joe2012-05-10 17:29:51

can i work with the SDK in eclipse c/c++sdt ?
for cross compile ( using mingw as the compiler in windows )