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I need technical support. What should I do?



I need technical support. What should I do?


Our PowerVR FAQ contains gems of information that address the most commonly encountered problems with the PowerVR Graphics SDK & Utilities and PowerVR GPUs.

If the answer you’re looking for isn’t in the FAQ, then the next place to go is our PowerVR Insider Graphics forum. Our Developer Technology team monitor and answer posts on the forum daily, making it the best place to quickly and easily obtain answers to your support queries. The forum is also frequented by a number of experienced graphics developers that are keen to help both new and long-standing PowerVR developers solve their problems.

If you encounter issues that are a little more sensitive and aren’t suitable for discussion on our forum, then you can contact the Developer Technology team through our ticketing system. Although response time for our ticket support is generally very good, discussing your problems on the forum will always result in faster response times as the entire PowerVR Insider Graphics community can jump in to help.