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IEEE Floating-Point 128-bit: A32B32G32R32F support in PVRTexTool and PVRTexLib



Hi All,
I have created a DDS file in IEEE Floating-Point 128-bit: A32B32G32R32F using DirectX Texture Tool. When viewed that DDS file in PVRTexTool the rendering result was totally different when compared with DirectX Texture Tool.

I have attached a simple DDS file( inside the which can reproduce the issue.

Similar test was performed using Floating-Point 64-bit: A16B16G16R16F. But the rendering result was exactly the same in both DirectX Texture Tool and PVRTexTool.

Side by side image comparison is added for both A16B16G16R16F(A16B16G16R16F_Comparison.png) and A32B32G32R32F(A32B32G32R32F_Comparison.png)

What is the reason for the issue?

The same issue is present in the PVRTexLib also. That is when a dds file in the A32B32G32R32F format is saved to dds file the image seems to be strange.