PVRTexTool and DDS half float cubemaps

I have tried to examine DDS files that contain half float cubemaps with PVRTexTool. It appears that half float DDS cubemaps are not supported correctly. Can you comment on this?

Hi Timo,

Skimming through the code, it’s tricky to tell if this configuration is supported. Can you share a file with us to reproduce the issue?

Attached test image which loads fine in Compressonator for example.

Thanks Timo. I’ve reproduced (what I suspect are) artefacts in the surface render. For reference, can you also share a version of this image that renders correctly in PVRTexToolGUI?

No, it seems that 32bit float version of the image also is not shown correctly in PVRTexToolGUI. It seems that HDR images color values are somehow wrapped around.

I have also noticed that PVRTexToolGUI shows top and bottom cubemap faces unexpectedly swapped even in LDR cubemaps (at least when they are loaded from DDS). Either that, OR sides are rendered or uploaded to GL in wrong way up.

Hi Timo,

I’ve added BRN59728 to our tracker for the half-float/float preview issue. I’ve also added a note that the cubemap order/orientation needs to be checked.