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PVRTexTool GUI error when saving/loading DDS files



This discussion was created from comments split from: Preferred development OS when using the PowerVR Graphics SDK.


All kind time of days! Allow to express to you, the gratitude for your works. At me a question how to struggle with an error of opening of format DDS that after coding I keep in a dds-format and at opening gives out an error;

DirectX Texture Tool
An error occurred trying to open that file.
I apply to you screenshots of my consecutive I beg you help to understand with the given problem. (To my great regret I do not know English, on it I use prgrammoj-translator PROMT9!) And here still the request, forgive me for my impudence... If it probably to include that in your program (batch operation, instead of each file separately?!) for example such game as Oblivion I choose folder Textures and it weighs not less 8,7GB the program has seen all 16~25-files it so not conveniently each file separately to encode.? And if probably that include in the program support of BSA-archives please. Once again many thanks; And thanks God that you are!



Thanks for providing the screenshots. My understanding of the problem is that PVRTexTool GUI is allowing you to save DDS files to your Windows Desktop, but the tool is generating an error despite the DDS file being exported correctly. Is my understanding correct?

Are you using the latest version of PVRTexTool GUI (4.05 (SDK build 3.1@2509591))?




Joe! Yes it is true, here a and Joe I want that you have understood me correctly, I try something will learn on it I do not so you excuse if questions silly… As to your program those files which she creates(PVR, DDS, KTX) it them opens without problems. And here the program “Microsoft DirectX SDK (February 2010)” cannot and gives out an error which you already know. Help to understand please. (And I am not assured that cursor Oblivion can to read format Textures. PVR? How to be i.e. how to solve this problem?) thanks!



I think I know what the problem is now. DDS is merely a texture container. You must ensure that the data you put into it is supported by any other texture tools you want to use. In this case, it seems that you’re putting texture data into the DDS container which isn’t supported by the DirectX Texture Tool (e.g. PVRTC compressed textures are not supported by the DirectX Texture Tool).

In PVRTexTool’s “Encode Texture” dialog, you can use the “Group/API” drop-down box to restrict your choices to texture compression formats that are supported by your target graphics API, e.g. DirectX 11 (10_1). When you compress to a format supported by the DirectX API (e.g. BC1 RGB) & store it into a DDS container, I expect the DirectX Texture Tool will be able to open the file :slight_smile:




Joe! You the genius, huge to you thanks! Here a screenshot that has turned out; Tell please you whether can make function of batch operation of structures? Please try (it so conveniently). Successes to you, and all your command.

Of Joe pay attention; at coding colour the alpha of the channel and format DXT changes. In further this change will not affect display and work of structures? Thanks.



We provide command-line & library versions of PVRTexTool so it can easily be integrated into your toolchain for batch texture processing.

I don’t understand what you’re doing here. Can you please provide a step-by-step overview of what you’ve done and further describe the error you’re seeing?




Good evening, I try to optimise game-Oblivion structures. Later I will lay out screenshots of my step-by-step action. A post above I did not tell Joe that it is an error, have simply asked your council because it is not enough in it I understand and I want to learn more. Thanks that at you are time and patience for us!