Including PVRShell.h in iOS ViewController

I am trying to #include the PVRShell as i have done several times previously in other projects in a custom ViewController that is set as a .mm file.

Though when i come to compile it fails including and compiling the PVRShell.h on the line

typedef void* (PFNLoadFileFunc)(const char, char** pData, size_t &size);

Though when i include it in the root AppDelegate it compiles fine and i cant see why there is any difference.

I realize this is more of a C++ and include question but i am quite stumped.

I was causing a transative dependency in my ViewController else where in my project. Mark as answered.

Hi Dev2rights,

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Hello Dev2Rights

may you describe the step you have done or some source code to do this integration, it will be wonderfull and very helpfull (Christmass Present :slight_smile: )


david g

Hi Dgu,

Apologies if this seems a little bit patronising but have you got the UIViewcontroller model locked to memory ? This is the core iOS fundamental windowing process and is found here:

Once you have nailed Views and ViewControllers then you will see that the most common method is setting up an EAGL view for rendering OpenGLES onto a CAEGL layer for that view. This can be used to set up your OpenGLES context and any other setup you do. A simple starting point to get a grip of how iOS handles OGLES is to look at the iOS tutorials apple provide:

sperbe thanks !!!