Installing SDKPackage_OGLES2 in Xcode

Hi there,

I am interested in having a play with the PowerVRSDK on a 3D project i am working on for the iPad. Currently i’m using ObjectiveC/C++/OpenGLES2.0

I downloaded the SDK’s .tar.gz file and unarchived it, I now have a root folder called SDKPackage_OGLES2.

In a previous thread on your forum…

…it was mentioned that "In the root of the SDK package, there is an SDK user guide that explains everything you should need to know"

I can’t find this user guide in the current version of the SDK - I have found the more specific technical documents in the Documentation folder, but not the intro to the SDK.

My issue is that I can’t see how to bring the SDK & TrainingCourse/Demos into Xcode - is there an installer or script I need to run? or is there a specific import process in Xcode I need to perform?

(I am using OS X Lion, Xcode 4.3.2 and an iPad2 as a deployment target)

Thanks in advance for your help! Smile

Hi bootstrapper.

Our SDKs are targeted at specific platforms (as you will have noticed). There is no import or install script necessary. Each demo and training course contain their own .xcodeproj - these are located in, for example, Demos/Water/OGLES2/Build/iPhone/ . If you navigate to this folder you will see an Xcode project which should compile and run on any provisioned device you have connected to your Mac.

You are correct that the SDK guide seems to be missing from the package. I’ll investigate this issue, but in the mean time please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions here.

Best regards.

Hi Arron, thanks for your response.

I’ve browsed through the training demos and got them running on my iPad with no problems - thanks.

Could you possibly provide a link to the

missing introduction document that is normally in the root of the SDK?

I’m trying to work out a sensible workflow and division of responsibilities as I develop my app. Up to now I have been generating VBOs in my C++ code from parametic equations and doing everything programatically.

I’m begining to see that the more I can do using tooling with the likes of Blender and your tools the more efficient I’m going to be, and I guess the more flexible and reusable my code will be too.

I will be using GLSL and will be blending multiple textures and a height map to create nice surface effects - basically im trying to figure out how much of my work I can/should do in blender and/or using your tools and how much is best/must-be done programatically.

I’m also interested in the .pfx format - am i correct in thinking that this is a way of integrating geometry, textures, and associated GLSL shaders together that can be edited and tweaked in a visual editor?

Also, do you know of any tutorials/books which demonstrate a sensible workflow for using Blender -> your tools & SDK -> C++/OpenGLES2.0 & GLSL?

I’m thinking that intro document may help me with a lot of these questions! If not any pointers you can give would be great.

thanks again :slight_smile: