SGX545 Core Programmer Documentation

I know that open sourcing the drivers for these older series SGX5 series chips has been asked may times, however what about programmer documentation for the SGX545 / other SGX5 series cores?
Unlike the driver, which may take substantial work before it’s ready for an open source release, providing the programmer docs on the core would allow the open source community to make these drivers themselves. On top of that there is probably already a PDF doc for this core, so not much resources would need to be sunk into releasing it. I’m sure this would have to be cleared internally, but for such an old core I don’t see any harm in releasing this documentation.

Providing a PDF programmer doc for such an old core would save many devices from becoming e-waste since these chips are essentially EOL with no active driver development.

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Releasing this kind of documentation publicly needs an internal review process, which can lead to several iterations and end up requiring a lot of time. There are examples of documentation released for a different architecture (Rogue GPUs) under Open Source GPU Driver - Imagination Developers and

Regarding SGX, unfortunately there are no plans currently to release any documentation.

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