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IntroducingPVRTools help.


I was looking at the IntroductiontoPVRTools example and in this code I saw fsc and vsc files.

const char c_szFragShaderSrcFile[] = “FragShader.fsh”;

const char c_szFragShaderBinFile[] = “FragShader.fsc”;

const char c_szVertShaderSrcFile[] = “VertShader.vsh”;

const char c_szVertShaderBinFile[] = “VertShader.vsc”;

However I could not seem to locate them within any of the directories. Also I am not sure how the FragShader,cpp, VertShader.cpp and Image.cpp files are generated. Are the actual shader files and image passed into the filewrap in order to generate these?

Thanks guys.


this file are generated using Filewrap tool.

look at the directory : GraphicsSDK/SDK_3.1/Utilities/Filewrap/Documentation

and in the demo you are talking about , a file call content.mak do the magik :slight_smile:

example :


$(FILEWRAP) -s -o $@ VertShader.vsh

-$(FILEWRAP) -oa $@ VertShader.vsc


Hi DGU, I was wondering where the .vsc and .fsc files are stored. I can’t seem to find them


Hello John,

there are compile in memory and provide information for your gpu tp process it .if you want to serialize then on disk , have a look to the sample :/GraphicsSDK/SDK_3.1/Examples/Advanced/BinaryShader




Are these produced automatically?


you have to program yourself depending of what effect you need to achieve using your fragment , vertext and primitve, this SDK provide aswell PFX you should have a look at it , it s really superbe , there is a lof of documentation in the sdk , of course , knowlege of how work the GPU is mandatory .