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Is it possible to run the powervr samples without using nativeactivity?


Is it possible to run the powervr samples without using nativeactivity and calling the functions manually? I have a native function of my own which is already displaying the data recieved from the camera and i want to use the powervr sdk to draw a 3d model on top of that. I need a way to start the drawing of powersdk code from my own native code.



The functionality you are looking for lives inside PVRShellOS.cpp (PowerVR_SDK/Shell/OS/Android/PVRShellOS.cpp) as this is the OS dependant bit of the PVRShell. It handles all the initialization, events, etc…

I think the code you are after can be found in the function “void android_main(struct android_app* state)”.




You are correct about the android_main() function. What i want to do now is that i want to call the android_main class from my native function in a different class. I cannot figure out how to get the variable android_app* state to pass as the parameter for the function call



This is a generic question about Android native development unrelated to the PowerVR SDK.

The best place to look is the official NDK documentation or maybe ask the question in the relevant Google group (i.e.!forum/android-developers).