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Android SDK Integration

I'm new to OpenGL/Native development, but very proficient in Android/Java development. I've decided to use PowerVR after reading about the various tools available for Native graphics development. 

The PowerVR Android SDK samples provide many examples that I managed to make it work on Android. It uses the generated library (.so) which is referenced as a "Meta-Tag" in the manifest, the activity given "Launch" and "Main" properties which loads the native code on start. 

However, there was no example of the following, which is the method used by most developers:

- Load a regular Android activity, press a button then "launch" to the activity which loads the Native Code, showing the OpenGL/POD graphics, etc. 

- Or, simply do an interoperability call from Java to C++ and put the C++ view into a GLSurfaceView in Android. 

I have not yet discovered how to do something like that. Could you please help me get started or point me in the right direction?

Thank you



So, I figured out how to invoke the activity that is defined in the manifest as, so it loads on top of everything else.

Still no joy with trying to load inside a view. On the OGLESIntroducingPOD, I put logs in it so I can see each function being called. When I try to load it in a view, it runs NewDemo() and InitApplication then stops().  It should continue to load InitView(), LoadVbos(), LoadTextures(), LoadShaders()...



stratuss2012-09-20 23:25:50


This has been fixed in SDK 3.0 which now provides you a means to access the NativeActivity directly. I believe this was also answered by Scott directly prior to the change in forum software.