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Is there a cygwin build for EGL anf GLESv2




Can someone suggest how I can get cygwin builds for these libs? are they needed at all or can I just use the ones provided in the powerVR SDK windows build? is it compatible with gcc ?

Someone please hep !



What are you trying to achieve with Cygwin? Is there any reason you can’t use our Windows libraries natively and avoid Cygwin?



I was planning to port the windows code to linux… but I choose the cygwin path before I compiled it in linux for convenience.


If this is the case, I think it would be easier to either dual boot your machine with Linux, or install Linux on another machine. I wouldn’t advise using our PVRVFrame libraries with Cygwin as we’ve never tested this and don’t know if there will be issues with it.

You could also use a virtual machine for Linux. Whether you will be able to run PVRVFrame on it will depend on how good the OpenGL emulation on the virtual machine is.



Thanks Joe. I have now setup the linux VirtualBox machine and I am able to launch the samples of PVR SDK.

However, I am finding some display problem’s with the “Water” sample. The reflections and refractions are rendered on the water surface, but the actual geometry above the water is not getting rendered.mkandula2011-12-11 05:11:07


I’m glad to hear some of the examples are working.

From my experience, it’s rare for a virtual machine to fully support OpenGL. It’s likely that this is the cause of your rendering errors.

If you can replicate these issues on a native (i.e. not in a virtual) machine, then I can file a bug against the SDK.