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PVR GLES 2.0 SDK on Mac w/Parallels Win7



I’m having issues running apps built with the PowerVR OpenGL ES 2.0 sdk on Windows 7 hosted on the Mac using Parallels 5.0. My MacBook Pro has the beefy GPU, and the Parallels driver implements OpenGL 2.1, but my shaders never get past the link phase. Hmm! For now I’m OK rebooting into Win7, I supose. Anyone have similar issues? I may as well post a bug on the issue, unless I’m missing something obvious. :slight_smile:


In general, we don’t recommend and don’t support the use of our emulation under a virtualisation environment.

It is true that, if Parallels is supposed to support OpenGL 2.1 then it should be able to support our emulation, however. Does PVRVFrame work under bootcamp? It may be that Parallels implementation of OpenGL has an issue and you should report this to them.


I had the same issue, but I’ve found a workaround.

For some reason glShaderSource sets the GL Error value to 1281 (and I guess the subsequent glAttachShader also).
When that error is set, the linking fails, but without a link error message.

The workaround is to call glGetError in all the various places so the error gets cleared, and everything seems to work just fine.
(Which I wasn’t in a non-debug build)