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The “Imagination and Futuremark team up to bring Kanziâ„¢ UI engine to POWERVR Insiders” webpage found here (, states that a 30-day evaluation version will be made available starting December 2009.

I for one would be interested in seeing this. However, I would like to petition for a 90-day evaluation period for several reasons:

First, any testing we do has to be done within our normal course of business.

Secondly, this is a new framework (for me anyway) and it will take some time to come up to speed with it.

Finally, and this is an assumption on my part, but most of us on this forum are from reputable organizations - meaning that Futuremark is in little danger of losing their intellectual property.

Thank you for considering my request.


Thanks for your suggestion. We will make sure we put that across to Rightware, who develops and distributes the Kanzi platform.