Thanks to Power VR SDK


We are a small team of 3 and we are proud to announce our first game ‘Chase & Hunt’ which is now available on the app store.

The game features a custom engine which is built using many of the tools from PowerVR SDK.
Notably the PVRVFrame and PVRTexTool.The examples included also were a nice help into rendering techniques.

I literally run the same code on our windows machine(Editor tool) and the actual devices(iOS), without any hiccups.The editor uses also the PowerVR compression library.

The game features:

  • Physically based shading.
  • Cascaded shadow maps
  • Day night cycle.

I really am a big fan of the PVRVFrame and is very fast inspite of another layer of abstraction with GPU.
Upto a thousand draw calls can be easily achieved with it,

A big thumbs also to all the forum moderators/developers who have answered many of my questions patiently.

If any developers need more help integrating the tools mail me at

Here is a small gameplay video of our game on an iPhone6.


Got the game - love it :slight_smile:

Thanks paul. Any feedback regarding the rendering/improvements would be most welcome.


Hi Ganesh,

Thanks for getting in touch to let us know about your game and to share your feedback - much appreciated :slight_smile:

We have a PowerVR showcase page for games/applications that have integrated and benefited from our team’s deliverables. If you would be interested in your game being listed here, let me know and I can start an email discussion for this.

As you have made such heavy use of our emulator, I think it could be very interesting to have a blog post from you about your development experience. I’ll need to discuss it with our marketing team, but we may be able to include a post from you in the Imagination blog. If you would be interested in this, please let me know.


Hello Joe,
Sorry was out of station was unable to reply/respond to the thread.
I would be happy if you can feature our game on the Power VR showcase.I can also do a write up on how the integration of the PVRVFrame and PVRTextool has helped us develop the game. I have sent you a PM with my personal email address, we can start the process any time.

Best Regards,