Largest number of ANRs on Android occur on PowerVR 8320 GPUs - tips or tools to help confirm any corelation

We use Unity to publish our games, and a pattern we have found is that the top ANRs occur on devices with the PowerVR 8320 GPU, most often with a 700x1600 screen resolution. The games are developed using Unity 2020 LTS and the default texture compression used is ETC2.

Could texture conversion be playing a role in the ANRs, or leading to excessive memory usage? The technical specifications at IMG GE8320 GPU - Imagination mention the GPU supports ETC2 / ASTC, but any confirmation from the community would help.

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Hi Mahesh,

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We would need a development build (with debug flag enabled) of one of the games reportedly experiencing the ANR issue so we can try to reproduce and diagnose the problem.

You can raise a ticket in our Internal Support System by sending an email to We will follow up with you privately.

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