PowerVR Rogue GE8320 BorderColorMakeResident: Failed


I am working on PowerVR Rogue GE8320 on android platform,
and got BorderColorMakeResident Failed error and Opengl error 1285 out of memory when I set 9 textures’s Texture Wrapping to GL_CLAMP_TO_BORDER and just draw them.
Can you please let me know why ?


Hi sherlock,

We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide details about the platform you’re using? Also Android version and GPU driver version would be helpful,

Many thanks and best regards,


Hi Alejandro,
Thank you for replying!
I got the proplem on xiaomi play android phone with mtk cpu p35 and the miui version is 11.0.6,the android version is 8.1.0 . I can’t find how to check android GPU driver version on internet!
Hope the information helps.

Hi Sherlock,

We’re not able to reproduce the issue. Could it be possible to ask you for some source code?

Ideally, the shader where the error happens and the OpenGL ES code where you perform all the texture setup. If you can also pass a more extensive part of your OpenGL ES code like shader setup it would be of great help.

Best regards,


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