Matrix Palette Animations


I’ve spent the past week implementing a POD loader and now using the Matrix Palette Extension to animate a skinned model. I had no issues following the samples to load the file and can easily render it but when it comes to the actual extension there is so little documentation that I can’t follow the behavior and solve my problem.

Presently following the samples almost line for line I can get our model rendering and animating but it ALWAYS renders at the position of the camera, which of course is the last matrix on the MODELVIEW before this rendering.

-I’ve tried adding a new identity matrix to the modelview to see if it would render at the world origin, but still goes to the camera position.

-I’ve tried multiplying the boneworld matrix with our camera’s view matrix, but it just results in the model being very stretched and off in the corner of the camera (but still relative to the camera).

-I’ve tried pushing a new matrix on the modelview stack, multiplying by the world matrix for the object’s position and it still ends up at the camera.

I suspect there is some functionality about these I don’t understand and without much explanation in the documentation I’m at a loss. There is also no real-world example that shows how to deal with animating PODs as the samples just do it in one big render function. Any help or details on how to do this would be appreciated!