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More than 6 matrices on Kindle Fire == crash


I ran into weird problem with OES_matrix_palette on Kindle Fire.
glDrawElements/glDrawArrays crashes when I'm trying to use more than 6 matrices in palette, although GL_MAX_PALETTE_MATRICES_OES is reported as 32.
It is not even necessary to load the matrix. Just a simple call to glCurrentPaletteMatrixOES(6) along with enabled GL_MATRIX_PALETTE_OES will result in crash during next draw call.

The same problem occurs on Nook Tablet (I guess, those devices has very similar hardware).
I also tested my code on various devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, iPod touch 2nd gen, and iPad 1. It works without any problems on those.

Here is some additional info:
My vertex size is 48 bytes long. It has 3 floats for position, 3 for normal, 2 for UV, 3 floats for vertex weights, and 3 unsigned bytes for bone indicies (aligned to 4 bytes).

Have any thoughts?

buz2012-06-21 08:44:23


Hi buz,

Can you share a minimal reproduction of this problem with us for further investigation?