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Navigation 3d for GL ES 3 reloaded


Dear Team

i am wondering if there is any plan to use proper occlusion model in the navigation 3d because the actual demo is very complex to reproduce.

As you already provide a demo base on occlusion in the intermediary section , i dream that OGLES3 use this technic elsewhere what the sense of it? as today , it s use exactly the same as OGLES2 implementation .so for consistence and coherence , i think it s normal to use OGLES3 modern Technic…

what do you think ?




city navigation is the area of an immense interest for us :slight_smile:


Hi David,

It makes a lot of sense to use occlusion queries in complex scenes like our Navigation 3D Example. We may update the OpenGL ES 3.0 Example in the future to use them :slight_smile:




wow !!!