occlusion query support?

I realize OQ is not in ES 2.0 core or any public extensions, but it is IMO a huge oversight.

Does the SGX family of cores support occlusion queries?

Hi Cass,

We realize this functionality is quite useful, but we currently have no plans to support occlusion queries in OpenGL ES.

Just FYI, I'm going to be pushing for OES extension and core support of this feature.

As DX9/console class engines begin porting to ES 2.0, platforms without the extension

will be at a substantial performance and power disadvantage.

Does the SGX not have any direct support for it, or are there other reasons for not

being interested in supporting it?

Are you going to reconsider this?

The iPhone 3GS / iPad V1 are SCREAMING out for this feature…

PLEASE reconsider and add OQ to OpenGL ES on the PowerVR chips used in these devices.


Occlusion queries would be nice and you’re not the only people who have requested them.

Unfortunately, the features that are available on platforms are determined not just by hardware capability, but by what our customers wish to expose and this is often influenced by the API spec. While we are involved in Khronos and other API discussions and obviously we work with our customers in this regard, Imagination does not have direct control of the platforms or of the API specs so we can’t promise to implement x feature on x platform.