Vincent & IMG SDK

I have created a GL ES renderer for OGRE3D engine, on the PC (as a first step to implementing it on a native platform). When using the Vincent/SDL engine, I am seeing similar results compared to the GL engine from OGRE3D for several OGRE3D demos.


However, when using the IMG SDK libraries, I am seeing that there are implementation specific differences cropping up.


For example, the modelview matrices are not setup properly (or set differently), thus leading to the viewer being very close to objects etc.


Is anyone aware of documented differences between Vincent and the IMG GLES SDK ? I am using the latest versions of the IMG SDK and vincent and OGRE3D.


PS: I will be posting the renderer soon in a public space.



We compare the output from our PCEmulation libraries to actual OpenGL ES hardware so it is very estrange we haven't detected a problem like the one you describe. Our PCEmulation uses the host 3D acceleration so this might be a 'feature' of your 3D graphic card. Have you tried on a different system? And on an real OpenGLES platform?

Please, keeps us informed of the progress of your OGRE engine.


Best regards.



I have narrowed down the problem to something related to depth. The ogre engine calls the gles renderer to setup a projection matrix that looks something like this (untransposed, c style)



Have to look into the details of this, but this appears to be the issue.


The objects themselves are at 0 depth (ie, z values 0).


Any clues ? I am able to reproduce this behaviour even in teh hellotriangle demos, when using the above projection matrix.