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No materials in PVRShaman.



Hello everyone.

I’m quite new with exporting from Blender to POD. I have a problem with POD file exported from Blender. When I open it with PVRShaman, it appears to have no material setup except simple texture.My question is if it’s posible to export specular, bump etc. from Blender to POD? Am I missing something or the material setup have to be done in some other way? I’m using Blender 2.61 (I couldn’t run exporter with the latest version) and PVRShaman 2.2.

I would appreciate some help in this matter.



PVRShaman’s default effect will only render apply the diffuse texture Other textures bound to the material, e.g. bump and specular maps, will not be utilized.

If you browse through the list of Materials within PVRShaman, you should see the names of your other texture attachments, even though they are not being utilized by the active shader.

If you want to render using the additional texture attachments, you can either select a different effect from PVRShaman’s effect library (e.g. “Texture Effect”–>“Bumpmap”) or write a custom shader.