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How to export my objects correctly from Blender to Pod file?



Hi all.

I started developing 3D iOS App few days ago. I tried building and running “Skinning example” ( SDK_3.1 -> Examples -> Intermediate -> Skinning -> OGLES -> Build -> iOS -> .xcode file ) and this ran well. And then, I tried to replace man.pod with my .pod file exported with PVRGeoPOD from my 3D objects generated Blender2.65a(OSX) . However, exported .pod file doesn’t contain any camera objects. When I opened this using PVRShaman, there is gray object in dark background. Why??

Please tell me how to export my objects correctly from Blender and make it visible with PVRShaman.



i cant see using your screenshot what material you did apply (pvr file).



Hi Dgu. Thank you for your comments.

I applied pvr file which is converted from .png file with PVRTexTool (GUI).



I can t see the material called “Material” under the node Armature , i was wondering why your plane is under your armature .

it should be a different object node no ??.

depending your texture that you use , how did you calculate your UV ? if you are using a render to texture principle you should set the Flipping checkbox to true;




Hi Dgu, tahnk you for your comments.

In Blender, I think, the armature should be parent of meshes for its bone animation. Am i wrong about this?? :-/

I found some solutions of my problems.

  1. In Blender, my camera should be “Perspective” (not “Orthographic”).
  2. In PVRGeoPod Options, “Data type” of the export mapping channels should be “float”.
  3. as Dgu says, I should set the Flipping checkbox to true.

    Then, I got good results. I could see my textured object with PVRShaman. Its bone animation works well too.

    However, I still have the problem. In “Skinning Example”( SDK_3.1 -> Examples -> Intermediate -> Skinning -> OGLES -> Build -> iOS -> .xcode file ) , when I switched the default pod file to my pod file, I can see only cyan background, there is no 3D objects. I dont know why.

    Please advise me.



Hi all.

I found the cause of my last problem.

In OGLESSkinning.cpp, I changed the value of CameraNear.

const float g_fCameraNear = 1.0f;

Then, I got good result.

thank you!


that is superbe a good result i am happy for you