Num bones less than num weights

Dear All,

I have the following configuration of bones and weights in a POD file.
I did not export this file by myself so I have no control over it.

Bones (float)   : 0 1
Weights(float) : 0 1 2 3 where the sum over all weights equals 1.

Is there a policy how to handle such configurations?
The PVRShaman can display the model correctly.
It would interest me how such configuration can be reproduced as well.

kind regards,

thanks for the awesome information.

Hi, Lukas.

This is a strange situation. Probably, when exporting the original model, there was not a match between bones and weights numbers. This is possible to happen because it is configurable by the user. If you cannot re-export the model, I would recommend to ignore the two last weights. These are sorted like the bones. You will need to make them to add up to one doing something like this: w1 = w1/(w1+w2) w2 = w2/(w1+w2). Let me know if this helps.
Best regards.