Problems with skinning a .pod

Hi there!

We have several models converted to pod and they all work perfectly with their animations. I’m using your POD-loader code from the tools-folder and I’m using a similar vertex shader as the one provided in the skinning-example. All good so far. However one model doesn’t work, but do work in PVRShaman. I’ve checked that there are at most 4 bones acting on each vertex and the total bone palette is 13. I’ve increased the shader to support a bone palette of up to 16 bones.

Would it be possible for you guys to take a quick look on the .pod-model and see if you can see anything obviously wrong? I’m using SDK 3.4.
If you are willing to take a quick look of the model I can provide a drop-box link.

I am a bit suspicious about the padding of 3 on the Club-mesh. That instinctively feels weird.

Found the bug… a problem of accidentally uploading the bone weights as GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE instead of GL_FLOAT. Please close this issue.

Or rather one should do: Mesh->sBoneWeight.eType==1?GL_FLOAT:GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE (Your skinning example is hard coded to FLOAT iirc)

Glad to hear you’ve resolved the issue. If you have any other questions about our POD loading code or the format, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: