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Skinning Example pod export settings



Hi, This is a question about the PVRGeoPod 3ds max exporter. Im playing around with the Skinning Example provided in the training course section in the opengl es 2.0 sdk. When i try to export the man.max model (provided in the media section of the example) with the PVRGeoPOD exporter, I get strange results. The left leg is animated properly but the right leg is all screwed up and going backwards. These are the settings im using in the exporter.

What settings do i need to use to get the man animated correctly

Any guidence would be highly appreciated.


I should also add that when i open up the file in man.max file in 3ds Max 2009 it is animated correctly and i havn’t modified any code in the example.




As of our 2.7 SDK release the OGLES2 Skinning training course is expecting normalised unsigned byte values for the bone weights instead of floats. If you change your export options to export 'bone weights' as 'unsigned byte, normalised' it should fix the problem you describe. Note 'unsigned byte, normalised' was a new data type added for our last release so if you aren't using the most recent version of the exporter I'm afraid you'll need to update.