Future extensions

I was wondering you plan to introduce future extensions to OpenGL ES 2.0 and which devices would support them. This is a list of extensions to work around limitations in the API I've stumbled upon, most of these are addressed in newer OpenGL versions.

- Shared uniforms. The inablity to share uniforms is quite annoying and is addressed by Uniform Buffer Objects.

- Integer attributes. This is to avoid converting to and from float point. I don't know how expensive that is, but it should be simple to add and results in cleaner code.

- Programmable blending. This could be implemented by allowing reading of gl_FragColor. It may not be useful in a lot of cases, but I think it would clean up the API if used instead of the existing blending functions. It may be augmented with functions to convert to and from sRGB. 

- Texture arrays. Texture atlases have obvious problems which requires some effort and bandwidth to work around.

- Texture streaming/mapping. A way to stream and/or upload texture without requiring to copy it first. Something like MapBuffer for textures and possibly something that wouldn't require swizzling if supported by the hardware.

Zoxc2011-04-26 13:01:15