Older version? (EXTRASPACE)

Hello, is there a way to get 2020.R1 as an installer EXE? I’m trying to help someone with extracting the textures from a game and the new version doesn’t recongize the PVR textures. (They actually do, but there is artifacts in the image)

I do have the version, I can’t seem to find the installer for it anywhere online!

Hi squidiskool,

You can find older releases at https://developer.imaginationtech.com/tools/recent-releases. Please note this is our new Developer Portal and you will need to create an account and log in before you can access the section.

Best regards,

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Thank you!

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Hi squidiskool,

Enabling the alpha channel (bottom right, click the ‘A’) in the new UI, should result in the image matching the old UI.


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