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OMAP35x and WindowsCE



we work with an OMAP35x board running WindowsCE 6.0.

Is it somehow possible to run (OpenGL 1.x) graphics in a

mode where drawing to a GDI window is NOT required?

Thanks for your help!

Your query is not clear to me - what method do you want to use to render to the display ? Or are you trying to draw to an offscreen buffer and failing ?



Yes, we want to render to the display directly. We also use the same hardware with a linux distribution without an X-server; there we have to start a PVRShell service of some kind before we can render to the display with OpenGL|ES1.x.

We want to do this on WindowCE too, because we usually build our WindowsCE platforms without GDI or better said without the usual GDI window manager / desktop environment coming up.