Open source drivers for PowerVR SGX 535

I am the unfortunate owner of a PC with Intel GMA500 graphics card containing your chip PowerVR SGX 535.

Unfortunately I can not have hardware acceleration because you (Imagination Technologies) do not open the source code of the driver parte that performs this task.

And when I say to you, I do not mean Intel because Intel has made ​​available to the Linux kernel an experienced programmer (Alan Cox) to create a decent GMA500 driver.

But the problem is that the driver does not have hardware acceleration. Why? Because you do not open parts of your code necessary for hardware acceleration.

This is not Intel’s fault or problem. Do not tell me that I contact Intel.

The fault is yours. Admit it.

The big problem is for you. There are growing forums where people say "if the device has a PowerVR chip not buy it. It is a bad buy"

If “google” a bit you will see that there are hundreds of people dissatisfied with the quality of drivers for linux PowerVR chips.

Change your mind.

but there are billion of happy customers as well :))

Dgu: if you don’t have this problem, please do not bother.

Its a forum , why can t i react to this post ?

Sure you can react to this post.

But do not try to minimize the problem I wrote in my first post.

If you had a device with Intel GMA500’d be as angry as I am, or more.

It’s very frustrating not being able to install linux with a decent driver (can not be without hardware acceleration in 2013, in 1995 could be).

The problem is serious.

I do not try to minimze your prob , i took me some time to setup my DRI2 on my old linux pc, i can understand the frustration i just find your post quite agressive :slight_smile: that is all

I did not mean to be aggressive. It was not my intention.

I think caveat emptor applies.

I would not buy something without researching it first and, as you say, a simple Google search tells you of this ‘problem’ the Linux community have with Intels implementation of this IP in this product range (they knew the limitations on issuing source code and they released the product. IMG license the IP it is up to licensees to implement it).

It doesn’t help you but if you wanted to play with Linux development then a simple search would tell you not to buy this intel product.


I’m also pretty upset about this, When I purchased my netbook, I suppose I expected good support, and was deeply and totally wrong. I have a “Request” for Imagination, on behalf of the entire linux community, thousands of IT experts who simply won’t buy your products because of the lack of support : Allow the Linux Community access to the documentation required to program a 3d accelerated driver, If Intel are capable of doing so, Please say.