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Linux Support!


we need support for linux! why you don’t make a linux driver for intel GMA500!!???


I think there is support for linux available though it’s poor one. Which kind of driver you want?? Because some drivers are there. And if you specify the support you want then anyone can help you either by getting driver for you if available or by telling intel to make one.


Drivers for the Intel GMA 500 chipset are supplied by Intel. Imagination do not supply drivers for this platform.


No Intel does also not support drivers for Linux … You designed the HW please make a driver or open up the specs so that Linux can be supported…  It is so frustrating having bought 4 netbooks just to find out that I need to return them, as apparently Linux support is not available… And I think I am not the only one with this problem …

Nvidea, Radeon, and even cards made by Intel themselfs works perfect … only your GMA 500 is not supported … and it just causes so much problems and frustration, and badwill from so many users …

I really hope you will do something about this… I would even like to contribute with cash to have this solved…  But work with Intel, the Linux community and I am sure this can be solved very fast.


Imagination licences a core to a customer (such as Intel) so that they can make a product. The customer then decides how to support this product and what will be supported on it. Different customers want different levels of involvement from Imagination to provide drivers for their product and to deliver these drivers to end users. In this case, Intel have chosen to control distribution of drivers themselves which means that Imagination don’t distribute the drivers - I can’t give you any. If there are none available from Intel then you should take this up with them.

The agreements concerning how drivers are written, for which platforms and who writes them etc. are confidential and not something I can talk about on this forum.

This issue is something we’re aware of, have discussed and something I’ve even investigated myself so I appreciate your frustration and will pass on your concerns. I can’t help more than that, I’m afraid.


Still waiting for Linux Support!

Intel and/or Imagination should do something about this.

I have four AAO751H waiting for the driver.

Please, OPEN UP the specs so we can build something that works!


yes yes … we are all waiting. … hoping that the $$$ we spend on the hardware is not wasted… and yes we are pissed… wasting our money…


I understand that you do not make policy, but it is difficult to understand why some vendors try to make file soo difficult for the opensource community. It is hardware that you are building after all and the more people who can you it the better off your company will be. It is difficult to imaging a scenario that making life hard, for people who are supporting your company by buying your products, can be of benefit to the company.


I come a little late but i have to agree with all of those complaints. We’ve finally found a mobile platform small and cheap enougth to make some tailored digital signage, it got enough geometry and texture power to make picture/geometry flow as they should, and because you allow your customer to (not) develop driver for your hardware, we’re now stuck.

Well, a good side effect (if any) is that my phone is a lot more powerfull. But we can't sell phone to our clients...


It's very dissappointed to say that Intel has had a long history of producing or commissioning open source
drivers for its graphics chips, with all chipsets (except the GMA 500)
dating back to the i810 having open 2D and 3D drivers for Linux. Intel
is the only major graphics hardware vendor to do so
Littlejenny2010-10-26 02:34:57