OSX OpenGLES 3 Emulation.

I’ve notice that the PowerVR SDK 3.4 include OpenGLES 3 Emulation for OSX. I download PVRVFrame and the SDK samples, however I cannot find the GLES3 library inside the /Applications/Imagination/PowerVR/GraphicsSDK/PVRVFrame/EmulationLibs/OSX_x86 path… Only libGLES v1 and v2? Am I missing something?


You can use OpenGL ES 3.0 on OS X by linking to our libGLESv2 library.

As OpenGL ES 3.0 is backwards compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0, the Khronos group decided that the libGLESv2 library should contain all of the functionality for both APIs. Some OSs, such as Android, have a different library naming convention. In many cases though, the ES 3.0 library name will merely be a symbolic link to libGLESv2.



Yeah I kinda figure it out :wink: Ma bad… Tks for your reply anyways!