What are the libs in Builds/OSX/x86/ for?


I’ve been unsuccessfully searching for some documentation concerning the libEGL.dylib, libGLESv1_CM.dylib and libGLESv2.dylib files in


What do they do? What are they for?

Is this probably some OpenGLES emulation, or is the grown-up OpenGL used on the Mac?

Thanks a lot for some explanations or links to some docs I might have missed.


Hi Dan,

The libraries in this directory are merely shims that allow our builds to work on systems that do not have OpenGL ES libraries.

We do provide OSX OpenGL ES emulation libraries though. You can find them in the (SDK_DIR)/PVRVFrame/EmulationLibs/ directory. The PVRFrame documentation explains how to use these libraries in your OSX XCode project :slight_smile:



Ah - ok, the 3.1 SDK installs this in the application folder.

Thanks a lot for your explanation.


No problem. Let us know if you hit any other issues :slight_smile: