Our latest release of PowerVR Tools and SDK 2018 R1 is now available!

Following on from our major SDK Framework overhaul in our release late last year, this is another big one!

For starters, we’re still working hard to make our Framework as useful for you as possible - this time around we have made it more streamlined, added exception and Vulkan Memory Allocator (VMA) support and more besides. We have also made other enhancements and bug fixes throughout our tools to make your development life easier.

However, the big news for this release is the major upgrade of our PowerVR performance profiler, PVRTune Complete. We’re exposing more data than has been previously possible on mobile/embedded hardware, giving a major boost to your optimisation sessions.

You can read more on our blog post, or if you want to jump right in you can go direct to our download page.

As always, we love feedback and questions. Feel free to comment here on our forum, or raise a ticket.