POD export from 3dsmax

3DSMax specific - but may apply to other modeling packages:

In the previous v2 SDK export you could select export and hit enter to continue through each step until export complete.

In the new v3 SDK export you have to use the mouse to manually select OK in the dialog boxes because some of the OK buttons aren’t default.

In an ideal world there would be an export recent option/scriptable command that uses the last export settings and doesn’t bring up a dialog so you can assign export to an interface button or hotkey. This is a constant pain. Export - opens a export dialog box, select Export button, wait for the export window to tell you whats going on, select OK in that window when its done. Complete pain in the rear end… :stuck_out_tongue:

Please put in a way of exporting current settings or similar option/command so we can export scenes without going through the pointless dialog boxes :smiley:

Many thanks - a huge PowerVR SDK fan

The export option not being the default button was an oversight on our part. This'll be corrected in the next PVRGeoPOD update. Thanks for pointing this out.
It is possible to do an export without having any dialogs displayed using the max script function 'exportFile'. Unfortunately, the current release has a bug meaning dialogs are always shown. Again, the next update will have this fixed.

Scott2012-10-22 15:01:49