PVRGeoPOD for 3dsMax 2012

First of all, nice update guys!

However I have two remarks/request.

- The export dialogue has a column at the left to save custom settings. However, this doesn’t seam to work properly. When I restart 3dsmax the settings are often forgotten and the name of my settings has changed to some strange random string of characters.

- The first is similar to one posted on this forum recently, that is: I used to batch export my .POD files in maxscript using the command:
 exportFile (“filename”) #noPrompt ;
The #noPrompt used to keep the dialogue from showing, however it does not anymore…together with the first issue (the settings not being remember) this is a real hussle. 

Would it in any way be possible to check this out?

Thanks in advance,

PS: by the way, i’m using 3dsMax 2012

Cheers for reporting these, I was able to reproduce both issues. The next update of PVRGeoPOD (which should happen in the next few weeks) will have them fixed.

Thanks a lot! That would mean a lot to me.

Great service :wink: