.POD 3DS Max


I think I’m on the right place. Forgive me if I’m not, I’m very lost. lol

I’ve got some really old files of mine from Cocos3D, they are all on POD format, as the engine asks.

I would like to review, edit and maybe export to other applications, like the C4D I’ve been using lately on my Mac.

I installed all the PowerVR Graphics Utilities just right and I can see the models on the PVR Shaman, however there, I cannot export to FBX or other formats.

I decided to try 3DS Max to try my luck and sadly it will not work too.

Simply says “File Open Failed”.

I did some googleing and it seems like it was supposed to open the model, since it installs some kind of plugin on the 3DS Max, right?

Is there anything I can do about this?



POD is an optimized deployment format. We provide exporter plugins for 3DS Max, Maya and Blender to export to the format. As POD is designed to be the final container for scene data, we have never created tools to convert from POD to other formats.

I’m not aware of any POD to PFX conversion tools written by 3rd parties. If you would like to write your own, you can use the PVRTModelPOD code in our SDK’s PVRTools framework to load a POD file into memory and write it out to another format.