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Pod exporter 3ds max 2016



Dear Team

will it be possible to have an update on the 3dsmax plugin you did provide?
Autodesk in the service pack for 3dsmax provided a new version 18.6.667.0 and the plugin stopped to work.

The dae exporter exporte well the mesh but light and camera are inversed whatever axis export you do.

thank if you can ,

Kind regards


Hi David,

The PVRGeoPOD lead has added support for the new iGame version. The new plugin will be included in our imminent SDK & Tools release.



thanks Joe, Pod Rocks


Do you know when imminent is imminent?


Imminent wasn’t the best choice of words - it’ll be online within the next week :slight_smile:


That is great !!!


I was doing some pod streaming as well it really work well