POD exporter and multiple textures

i am a bit unclear how the POD file works with multiple textures for a single mesh. for instance, if i export a maya model that has a layered texture, i can load the POD file fine, and i can see the two sets of UV values, but i only have a single material with a single texture name.

how can i get a reference to the texture name that the second set of UVs is pointing to?

The POD format doesn't currently have a way for linking a certain set of UVs with a certain defined texture. This is something you'll need to do in your code.
When you say you see a single texture do you mean in PVRShaman? If this is the case the material may stil have the second texture but PVRShaman only shows the diffuse one.

ok, thanks for clarifying.

another thing i am a bit unclear on is how the submesh splitting works. am i to understand that when the POD exporter sees a mesh with multiple materials, it will split the mesh into separate submeshes for each material? i have a test file that this is happening on, but it appears to be done incorrectly, one of the submeshes is extended over the other one, so that it is never visible. is there any easy way to fix this?

i can provide a collada file and textures if this helps.

Yep, you're correct PVRGeoPOD will split a mesh up into sub-meshes if multiple materials are applied. If your scene is in a collada file are you using Collada2POD to convert to POD or are you importing it into Maya and then exporting it? If it is Collada2POD then the problem will be with the DAE file as Collada2POD doesn't do any splitting as the mesh is already split in the Collada file. If you are exporting from Maya then if you can send your Maya scene along with the POD file you generated to devtech@imgtec.com we can take a look to see what is going wrong.