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PVRGeoPOD & 3ds Max



Hi all, I have some questions about PVRGeoPOD plugin and scene & object format:


1. Is there any way to export a single mesh that have multiple materials/textures assigned (multi/sub in 3ds Max) or only one material/texture per mesh is allowed?


2. Struct SPODMaterial have only nIdxTexDiffuse (index for diffuse texture), but SPODMesh allows to use multiple nNumUVW (UVs sets). So, if theres a way to export UVs for second texture channel (for example to use lightmaps), why there is no index in SPODMaterial for second (and more) textures?


3. PVRGeoPOD plugin GUI - how exactly each 'Triangle sorting method' works?

a) PVRTGeometrySort?

b) D3DX?

c) PVRTTriStrip?


4. How to use pszEffectFile and pszEffectName in SPODMaterial? This is only useful for D3D (by using D3DXEffects interfaces)?


Big thanks for any answers!
shinyclaw2008-08-10 21:12:59