.POD file dos not contain full Informatio of model

Hi Everybody

I am using the airplay sdk and read the .pod file for a
model in my opengl application by using the pvr tools but i don't know
about the version of this pvr tools in airplay sdk. This .POD file is
exproted by PowerVR tool (which is downloaded from Imagination
technologies) for simple model.

The pod file crashes the information about the camera ,
material , mesh and node. I can not find out these information from this
pod file in my OPENGL application by using the airplay sdk.

Please help me how to find out the above information from pod file
in my OPENGL application . Is it possible to find out these information
from pod file in opengl by using the airplay sdk or we can find out
these information by another way. Do you recommend this way to read the
information from .POD file in OPENGL app. by using the airplay sdk( with
using the pvr tools) for future work in my application .

Please reply me with an example( if possible) asap . I waiting your response.



Hi Laksh,

I believe you sent an email to our devtech@imgtec.com address yesterday. Did our advice help you at all?

Although I’m familar with the Airplay SDK, I’ve never used it. You are best approaching them to ask how they use our tools code (such as the SDK version they took our tools code from).

You can use the PVRShaman shader editor utility in our SDK to view the contents of .POD files you have exported. This allows you to check that the model has exported as intended.