POD File Not Displaying

My Models are not drawing. So I grabbed your TrainingCourse7_IntroducingPODMediascene.max and generated a .h and a .pod from it. What is different is following;


Original             - { 6, 0.785398f, 1000.000000f, 1.000000f, (float*)0 },

ReGenerated    - { 6, 0.785398f, 4000.000000f, 10.000000f, (float*)0 },


Original             - { -1, { 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f }, (EPODLight)00000000 }

ReGenerated    - { -1, { 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f }, (EPODLight)00000001 },

The size of the Faces and Interleaved arrays are all same, 324, 1360, but data is within them is different (same for AnimPosition arrays).

More Info ----

I can view the file with Shaman but can not loader/display from opengl es. However, Shaman says there are 4 meshes but CPVRTModelPOD.nNumMeshNode = 5!

In addition, it seems that my SPODNode is different than what GeoPOD is outputting!!

Please help!

I am using 3ds Max 2009 and the latest version of PVRGeoPOD.dle. Any ideas how to fix this?