PoD files


I would like to know why you use the POD file and not an other file format?

What are the advantages of using a POD file in 3D application?

Great thanks!

We created POD to be a delivery format for 3D scene and model data on our platforms. There were many formats for 3D, but they were either not designed for deployment on device - they were editor formats that carried more data than was required for just display and there were no options to optimise the data in them - or they were specific to particular games or applications and didn’t support everything we needed. As far as I know, there still isn’t an obvious alternative for our needs.

POD allows a lot of control of what is exported to it and in what form - the vertex format can be specified. This allows for more efficient data files that work well with the graphics core. Specific data for display can be included such as tangent space information. In the exporting step we can apply our own triangle sorting algorithms designed for POWERVR hardware, as well.