POD usage for other applications

Hey guys,

I’ve been wondering for a while, so I thought I’d ask around in here, see if anyone knows the answer… POD seems to be from what I’ve used of it so far, to be a damn good format, for getting a model into any platform, D3D, OpenGL, OpenGLES… or is there anything about .POD that would make this completely false? I know it was written for the PowerVR chip, and OpenGLES/ES2 but you can use it outside of this, yes?

I’ve been looking at making my own new Model Format for a specific purpose that we need for a new project… but .POD seems to cover every need we have, and the project we have is an OpenGL project for Windows.

I can’t see anything stopping me from using the .POD format in an OpenGL project, just change some OpenGLES commands to OpenGL… is there any other issues I might come across at all? I can’t see any, but I just wanted to make sure, because I have never seen anyone mention using .POD outside of the PowerVR and OpenGL/ES2 scenario.

A less complex question to get around my previous post without needing to read the entire thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there any limitations or problems using .POD in an OpenGL environment on OpenGL Hardware instead of OpenGLES/ES2 on PowerVR.

No it’ll be fine; POD files have have been used with APIs including D3DM, DX9, DX10, OGL, OGLES and OGLES2.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’ll just proceed to use this then, and see what happens. It seems so far that this is all we will need for our model format.