Possible client arrays leak PVRVFrame 10.0 (SDK 3.4)

We’re seeing this problem on PVRVFrame (Win32) when we use client arrays that process committed CPU memory increases steadily at +2MB/sec without bound.

We do not see this same growth when running alternative emulators on Win32 (Mesa3D and ANGLE).

Are there any known PVRVFrame memory leaks with client arrays on Win32?

If not, could you regression test client arrays before cutting PowerVR SDK 3.5 to ensure that, if any are found, they will be fixed in 3.5?

If a PVRTrace capture would be useful, just let me know. Thanks!

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Are there any known PVRVFrame memory leaks with client arrays on Win32?
I’ve spoken to the PVRVFrame lead, and he said some leaks were resolved for our upcoming 3.5 SDK. If you can share a reproduction binary with us, we’ll take a look into it. You can share files privately by attaching them to a support ticket.

I’ve uploaded a pre-release 3.5 SDK PVRVFrame package to our support portal so you can also try the latest build locally (you can grab it from here).

I’ve reported the HTML issues to our Web Services team. They have implemented a fix now so (hopefully) it won’t happen again :slight_smile:

Thank you, Joe! Just downloaded the beta to see if it resolves the issues. I’ll post back with results.

Retesting with PVRVFrame 10.1 in SDK 3.5beta@3499369, I see the rate of memory growth reduced from ~2 MB/sec to 0.5 MB/sec. But the growth is still there.

I captured a few steady-state frames from our app and uploaded them to Ticket #341 to (hopefully) allow you to repro. If you want a longer capture, just let me know. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the PVRTrace recording. We’ll look into it and will aim to give you an answer by the end of the week.

Thanks, Joe! I appreciate it.