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PVRTraceGUI doesn't die (PowerVR SDK 3.4)



One thing you might test before releasing PowerVR SDK 3.5 is killing PVRTraceGUI with the “X” window button.

Here on Windows 7, I just noticed that I had 20+ PVRTraceGUIs running in the background because clicking the “X” window button kills the window but does not kill the process. This is the PVRTraceGUI in SDK 3.4.



Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve actually seen the problem before on a few machines in our office, but haven’t been able to isolate the root cause. The issue occurs on my machine sometimes. One thing I have noticed is that it doesn’t seem to happen when I disable Image Analysis. I have an AMD card in my machine - potentially it’s due a bug in AMD’s graphics driver. We won’t have a chance to look into this again for the 3.5 SDK release, but should be able to investigate in a few weeks.



Ok, thanks Joe. If I can provide any other details which might help nail down the problem, just let me know!


If you can share your GPU model and OpenGL driver revision, it may help us figure out if it’s a GPU/driver specific problem.



Sure ATI FirePro V4900 (Driver: 14.301.1010.0)


I’ve noticed that I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue with the 3.5 SDK version of PVRTrace. It’s possible that one of the PVRVFrame bug fixes has resolved the issue. Can you try running the new version of the GUI to see if it fixes it for you too?



Once we get 3.5-release in-house, I’ll try that and report back if I can reproduce it. Thanks, Joe.