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power consumption native vs GLES2



I plan to develop some cross platform GUI controls/widgets on top of GLES2. If I choose the path of GLES2, then I must make sure that the power consumption be minimized as much as possible.

This is a very general question on what would be the power consumption level of a native app vs GLES2 app
approximate ratio of power consumption between these two ?
Are there any programmable options to maximize battery life (thus optimize internally) ?
What would be the best practice for GLES2 to match native app battery life ? (render only when things change ? )
Does heavy shader code influence power consumption ? what would be a best optimized target cycle count a develop should achieve? will non-dependent texture reads help this concern ?



Hi Madan,

We can’t comment on the specifics of what is most power efficient as it’s device dependant.

Generally, using the GPU for rendering will be more efficient than the CPU. You should refer to our “PowerVR Performance Recommendations” documentation on our documentation page here for best practices to reduce your GPU workload.